Beyond Monks (If Monks Had Macs part 2)

Episode 10 · July 17th, 2017 · 39 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

Life after If Monks Had Macs aka What Brian Thomas did next; ruminations on photography and the politics of art and play. (Based on an interview conducted in early January 2017.)

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Music credits:

  • NirvanaVEVO and The Life and Death of a Certain K Zabriskie Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie
  • Places Unseen and Under Suspicion by [Lee Rosevere](
  • Itsumo no y ni by Rolemusic
  • Wandering by [Steve Combs](
  • Epilogue by Visager
  • Anxiety, Behind Your Window, and Sunset by Kai Engel
  • Sacred Motion by staRpauSe
  • various songs from the original If Monks Had Macs jukebox
  • and a few untitled compositions by Richard Moss
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